5 Reasons Every Hairdresser Should Use the "Babylights" Technique

babylights balayage Aug 13, 2019

You may or may not have heard Babylights, the latest hair coloring trend that’s quickly gaining popularity worldwide. The results of Babylights are exactly as its name suggests- soft, natural highlights that mimic the delicate, sun-kissed strands of children’s hair. Los Angeles-based hair colorist Stephen Garrison is one of the driving forces behind this new technique. He’s known for flawlessly incorporating Babylights in his clients’ hair routines, and here are five reasons why you should too:

1. Babylights create subtle, natural color

 Babylights are similar to traditional highlighting techniques, but tend to achieve a softer, subtler look than its alternatives. Like highlights, Babylights are used to create dimension in the hair by lightening small sections of hair. However, Babylights use smaller sections of hair and less separation between sections, resulting in a more natural, sun-kissed look. This is the perfect technique to use on clients who want to boost their color without looking overdone or unnatural.


2. Babylights are very low-maintenance

Babylights are a great low-maintenance color technique for clients, similar to the uber-popular ombre hair trend. Since the highlights are so fine and subtle, as your client’s hair grows, the style remains soft, subtle and natural, with no heavy line at the roots. Colorists suggest that clients with a full head of Babylights should get touched up every eight weeks, while clients with partial Babylights should aim for touch-ups every 12-14 weeks.

3. The look of Babylights is super glossy

Babylights achieve a level of glossiness that you just won’t see with other coloring techniques. It’s important that your clients keep their color looking exceptionally shiny after they leave the salon. As a stylist, you can suggest shine sprays, serums, and oils to go along with their new look.


4. Babylights can be applied to any hair color or type

Babylights can be customized for any hair color, to match any skin tone. While the technique is widely popular amongst blondes, it works well on brunettes, redheads, and anything in between. It’s a versatile option for any client coming into your salon wanting subtle, flattering highlights to enhance their natural (or not natural) color.


5. The process is time-consuming, but worth it for the results

Colorists should note that this technique is one of the most time-consuming when it comes to highlights. Since color is applied in very small sections, the process can take more than an hour to complete. The good news? While Babylights take time, the process is actually very simple. Plus, you’ll see subtle, natural results that are almost impossible to achieve with other coloring techniques. Trust us, it’s worth the wait.

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